Why Faithfully Forward Together? What does this mean?

Faithfully – responding to God’s powerful, trustworthy, and enduring
Forward – looking to the future and seeking opportunities to support
the spiritual needs of our members and those of our community. A 2021
demographic study of our West Fargo/Fargo community revealed
approximately 33% do not have a Church home. God has planted
St. Andrew in the middle of a large and growing population of souls!
Moving Forward will free us of the burden of this debt, allowing us to
expand our ministry in new and innovative ways.
Together – as a Church family, we can accomplish our goals if our
members participate with joyful and willing hearts, and in thankfulness
to God’s rich blessings.

What is the mission of the Faithfully Forward Together

Our goal is to provide pertinent information regarding our current longterm
debt situation, and to explain the positive impacts on our Church,
our annual budgets, and our future ministry if we are able to reduce the
outstanding loan balances or completely retire the debt.